The premises of Gyldene Freden are historic in many ways. Sweden’s national troubadours Evert Taube and Cornelis Vreeswijk were regulars and savored many meals at the restaurant.


The tap chamber, to the right and left as you come through the entrance, is also a bar where  Evert Taube had his regular table and Cornelis Vreeswijk savored his many dinners. To the right is the table where famed author Ivar Lo Johansson often ate.


The ZORNROOM is upstairs and is the anteroom to the Bellman room.


The BELLMAN FLOOR is located upstairs and is an exclusive banquet hall consisting of three rooms - the anteroom, the  Zorn room and the Bellman room. On Thursdays, the Swedish Academy eats dinner here as they have since the early 1900s

The dining room seats 40 people for dinner. In the entrance is a private toilet and an anteroom suitable for aperitif or coffee. Then comes the Zorn room followed by the Bellman room, which is itself preceded by a dining room and  also has an exit.

The Bellman room accommodates four square tables with eight chairs each,  or two oblong tables with 20 chairs each. We can also supply an elongated ‘Academy table’ for 18 guests to sit together in the middle of the room, the way the Swedish Academy sits when they dine with us. Diagonally, the table fits 22 people.


The STUBELIUSROOM is located downstairs and is named after the architect Torsten Stubelius whom Anders Zorn hired to renovate the tavern after its acquisition in 1920.


This room is suitable for private parties of up to 16 people.

The room between the vaults is located downstairs and features the restaurant's only round table famously situated under a drum-shaped lamp.
Our special wine coolers add to the cozy atmosphere with seating for 32 people. A partition turns the room into a semi-private dining area for 17-20 guests.


A lower vault was discovered during restoration work in 1920 when a wall was breached unveiling a large warehouse. Today this vault is popular both for romantic dinners by the fire, and for larger groups of up to 53 people.