The fact that Den Gyldene Freden is one of Sweden's oldest restaurants is known to many, but let's look at the history and atmosphere. Let us get to know the people who created its history and events along the way that set its mark. That this is the Swedish Academy's regular place to go, they are the owner of the property and that gives the place an extra weight, but what does the Swedish Academy really do? Who are they, what does the institution really do and why are they the ones who decides about the Nobel Literature Prize?
We start the evening with a visit to the Nobel Museum, then look closer to the Old Town's alleys and buildings before finishing with Den Gyldene Freden story and a tasty three-course dinner in the distinguished restaurant.

About the package
The package is offered Tuesday to Saturday all year round for groups of 6-60 people.
Joint guided tours for smaller parties up to 30 people. If you are less than 10 people, you may wish to pay a private guide 900 SEK (1125 SEK including VAT).

Guidance may be in english if there are requests for it in the group. Are you 15 people or more please pre-book drinks for dinner.

At 16:00 Your guide meet up at the Nobel Museum (Stortorget 2, Old Town) and gives you a view of the museum before the tour continues through the Old Town's alleys.
Kl. 17.45 Welcome to the warmth of Den Gyldene Freden for a captivating story and three-course dinner.


Date: 6 Oct - 23 Nov
Price 908:- (799: -ex VAT)


Roe deer paté with Jerusalem artichoke crème, pickled orange & blackcurrants, served with sourdough croutons & Swedish cheese

Pan fried salmon with autumn vegetables, trout roe, herbs & Champagne sauce

Vanilla ice cream with lemon meringues, lingonberries, whipped cream & caramel sauce

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* We reserve the right to change the menu at short notice depending on the availability of the raw materials. If you have any comments or wishes in addition to these menus, we will of course try to respond to them as much as possible.